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Yield Editor - Free Yield Monitor Data Cleaning Software from Sudduth and Drummond (2007)

(Open Yield Monitor Data Cleaning Software Folder in Free Section to Download Software)

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Yield Editor (Sudduth and Drummond [2007]) is the top free yield monitor data cleaning software and can be downloaded from the  USDA Agricultural Research Services website (outside link; opens in new tab). The program works for AgLeader advanced or Greenstar text yield files. 

The Yield Editor Version 1.02 Beta program manual (pdf) (opens in new tab) is very detailed and includes a tutorial for sample yield maps. Yield Editor can greatly improve yield monitor data; it includes many editing function, including important manual editing tools. The processed Yield Editor file can be exported into a format that can be entered in ArcGIS where the map can be finished as shown in this website. A feature not included in Yield Editor, is the removal of duplicate points; for various reasons it is not that uncommon for a yield map to have more that one yield point at the same location. The removal of duplicate points can be accomplished by GIS Ag Maps. A way to clean and manage yield maps is for you to use Yield Editor then have the maps finished by GIS Ag Maps. Examples of yield map cleaning and management can be accessed in the Yield Map Management and Statistical Mapping page and through different links in the Yield Map Cleaning and Mgmt. folder.


Yield Editor with sample corn yield map (included with download) prior to being cleaned

(only filtering applied was to delete corn yield points exceeding 250 b/a)

 Yield Editor yield monitor data cleaning software graphic



Sudduth, K.A., and S.T. Drummond. 2007. Yield Editor: Software for Removing Errors from Crop Yield Maps. Agronomy Journal99: pp. 1471–1482 (pdf) (document opens in new window)