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Sentinel-2 Very Low Solar Elevation Imagery, ~19⁰

12/1/17: Sentinel-2, Grant County, Washington State, USA. Downloads include: 1) Surface reflectance (SR) for Bands 2 (blue), 3 (green), 4 (red), 8a (NIR), 11 (SWIR1), and 12 (SWIR). Imagery is converted to SR with the Frequency 50 minus .008 method, where band 4 (red) is the starting scatter and relative scatter with the calculator is used to establish scatter for other bands (B4RS is band 4 relative scatter, method is explained in the Tutorial); 2) Background imagery is corresponding Sentinel-2 SWIR/NIR/Red RGB (vegetation is green). Vegetation visible band SR may be slightly high; but it, importantly, has a green spectral signature).