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Zones can be based on relative yield quantity and variability (recommended in most cases) or solely relative yield quantity, and can be developed from Landsat or yield monitor data. (Zones can also be developed from other imagery, such as RapidEye, as a value added product.) Access the Start Crop Mapping - No Obligation page from the top menu or open the Background Information folder within the Management Zones folder in the Store section to access background information. Need a free imagery search first.  

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Landsat and Sentinel-2 Based Zones

Landsat & Sentinel-2 from different seasons are combined to ultimately produce a zone map to the field extent

Pricing for Landsat & Sentinel-2 Based Management Zones - Layers/Seasons & Zones

1) Crop Image Layers - Each image used to develop zones is one layer. Is is a $40 flat rate per layer for whatever the size field or crop may be. Different crops can be combined to make zones. We will confer with you regarding the amount of crop layers (recommend using layers from normal, wet, and dry seasons).

Click the amount of layers from the PayPal drop-down menu below. After clicking the layers, a PayPal window will open showing the layers. When in PayPal, click Continue Shopping to return to GIS Ag Maps to select the zone type from 2 or 3 below. 

Crop Layers


2) Yield Quantity & Variability Zones - It is an additional $40 to combine all seasons and develop zones based on high and low yield quantity and variability. These zones are usually preferred and recommended and are based on work from Kleinjan et al. (2006).

Landsat Yield Quantity & Variability Zones development stages, from left to right below, are: 1) Landsat-based yield greater and less than average for seasons used; 2Variability greater and less than average; 3) Yield Quantity & Variability pixels - dark green is high yield and low variability, light green is high yield and high variability, orange is low yield and high variability, and red is low yield and low variability; 4) Productivity Zone Map based on pixels.

Landsat or Sentinel-2 Yield Quantity & Variability Management Zones development stages for precision agriculture

Yield Quantity & Variability Zones


3) Yield Quantity Solely Zones - It is also an additional $40 (same price as Yield Quantity & Variability Zones) to combine all seasons and develop Yield Quantity Solely Zones. For this type, we will recommend how many zones there should be, or you can request a particular amount.

Yield Quantity Solely Zones


Pricing for Clean Yield Map-Based Zones

Corn Yield Map Cleaning Example: From left to right, maps are: raw, filtered, clean, polygons, and zones.

Corn yield monitor data map management zones development stages for precision agriculture

Soybean Yield Map Cleaning Example: From left to right, maps are: raw, filtered, clean, polygons, and zones. 

Soybean yield monitor data map management zones development stages for precision agriculture

Pricing for Yield Monitor Data Management Zones is partly a function of Yield Map Cleaning. Management or Productivity zones can only be developed from properly cleaned yield data. See Yield Map Services & Pricing/Upload Files page for yield monitor data cleaning pricing and options. If yield maps have been properly cleaned the following zone prices apply:

4) $30 for average normalized yield map (multiple seasons are normalized and averaged together to produce a single map). 

5) $35 for management zones based on the averaged normalized yield map with generalized areas (such as the far right images below show).

6) $40 for Method 3 and 4 Productivity Zones based on multiple seasons of clean yield maps.

Landsat and clean yield maps can be combined to develop management zones. Contact GIS Ag Maps for information.


Kleinjan, D.E. Clay, C.G. Carlson, and S.A. Clay. 2006. Developing Productivity Zones from Multiple Years of Yield Monitor Data. Site Specific Management Guidelines; SSMG-45, 10/06.