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LiDAR-Based Elevation, Topography & Drainage Layers Store

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LiDAR-based elevation rasters can be used themselvles and can also derive different layers that can be applied to a field for different purposes. Open Background Information folder within the LiDAR Elevation & Drainage folder in the Store section for access to applicable background information. Click here to see LiDAR layers slideshow.

LiDAR is originally acquired as elevation points with, typically, a one-meter average resolution and are converted to rasters with pixels sizes of about 2.5 to 5.0 feet. The USGS has mainly made available coarser resolution rasters (developed from available data) with a 1/9 arc-second (about a 3-meter) pixel size, but are developing a 1-meter resolution dataset. Finer resolution data should be used for flow accumulation lines. The USGS coarser data are smoother and produce more coherent elevation contours. More details and examples of LiDAR elevation and derived layers can be found in the LiDAR-Based Elevation & Layers folder to the left. For additional LiDAR-based slideshows access: USGS National Map1/9 Arc-Second Elevation and Layers    Field Data Bundle Elevation 

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LiDAR-Based Elevation Layers (flat rate any size field)


1) $40 per set of elevation contours lines for a field. 


2) $45 per set for flow accumulation lines for a field (can be used to help make channels to drain field).


If flow lines are ordered for a field, the following prices apply:


Free elevation contours if flow accumulation lines are ordered.


3) $25 per set for sinks (areas where ponding can occur).


4) $10 for elevation contours based on smoothed data.


5) $15 for basin boundaries.


Contact GIS Ag Maps for LiDAR-based tiling or surface channel applications.


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