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USGS National Map LiDAR-Based Elevation, Topography, and Drainage Layers

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Layers shown below are produced from USGS National Map LiDAR-based elevation data but can be produced from other elevation rasters or points (such as the actual LiDAR points or RTK data points). The USGS acquires LiDAR data from different sources, processes it to improve it, then projects it an approximate 3-meter resolution raster. The National Map database is updated on an ongoing basis; currently elevation data is available for the entire states of Iowa and Ohio as well as other areas. Data below is resampled (bilinear) to a 1-meter resolution and can be produced for fields of any shape or size. Details about LiDAR-based elevation including where it is currently available for free are in the About LiDAR elevation and availability page in the About Elevation Data and Accuracy folder.

USGS National Map LiDAR-based 1/9 arc-second elevation and derived layers

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