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Legal Liability Disclaimer

(applies to all information and data on website, including downloads)

Neither GIS Ag Maps, the owner, developer, and/or operator of this website are responsible or can be held liable in any way for any information and/or data, including downloads, shown on or acquired from this website. Information and/or data, including downloads, are to be applied at your own risk and/or discretion; there is no guarantee of accuracy of any information and/or data affiliated with this website. This includes all information and/or data that are accessible without logging in or after logging in, such as atmospheric correction information and/or data. 

In regards to elevation data, there is information included in this website that describes the accuracy of digital elevation data and slope angles derived in geographic information systems (GIS) from the elevation data; however, the accuracy results shown in the website are not guaranteed to represent elevation data that may be applied in the website or that you may apply. Please read through the USGS 10-Meter & LIDAR-Based Elevation Accuracy page in the LiDAR-Based Elevation & Layers folder for more information. All data has limitations of accuracy.

In regards to GIS slope angle mapping based on digital elevation data, please read through the information in the GIS Slope angle & Accuracy folder for information about slope angle accuracy and methods of calculation. GIS slope angles maps are derived in GIS based on digital elevation values; the maps are not based on field slope angle measurements and are not a substitute for slope angles determined by field measurements.  

GIS Ag Maps is in no way responsible for the usage of any data or information (used in any way, no matter how directly or indirectly) affiliated with or shown on the website. Use the maps, graphs, data, and/or information at your own risk and/or discretion.