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Snow Mapping (NDSI) & Information

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Mammoth Mountain, CA, Landsat Snow Mapping


Free Landsat & Sentinel-2 imagery can be used along with free GIS software (or other GIS Software, such as ArcGIS) to map the extent of snow at a point in time; including areas in shadows. Details of the images below can be accessed through the Snow map development details link above. Snow is mapped with the normalized difference snow index (NDSI) which is written as: (green - short wave infrared) / (green + short wave infrared). For Landsat 4 - 7: (band 2 - band 5)/(band 2 + band 5). For Landsat 8: (band 3 - band 6)/(band 3 + band 6). The below area is to the southeast of Livingston, MT, USA.


Images transition every 4 seconds (or click arrows or dots); description appears below graphic.