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Field maps based on yield patterns can be produced with Landsat for many crops. See the graphics below and open the Background Information folder within the Landsat Yield / P & K Mapping folder in the Store section to access to background information.

For corn and soybean fields, specifically, maps can have yield quantities associated, as well as phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) removal amounts. For yield quantity or P & K maps, Landsat values that highly correlate to spatial patterns of corn or soybean yield (similar to correlation levels shown in the Landsat Correlation to Crop Yield folder in the Crop Agriculture section) are converted to yield amounts. The map can be calibrated to an average yield value provided by the customer. The yield map can then further be converted to phosphorus and potassium removal amounts also based on a value provided by the customer. Need a free imagery search first.

For other crops, the final maps represent relative yield amounts (areas of higher and lower yield with no quantities associated). 

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Progression from Downloaded Landsat to Field Extent Maps

Landsat or Sentinel-2 Progression from Downloaded Imagery to Field Extent Crop Maps for Precision Agriculture

Landsat or Sentinel-2 Progression from Downloaded Imagery to Field Extent Crop Maps for Precision AgricultureAbove, the progression from downloaded Landsat imagery to a map to the extent of a field is (for both fields), from left to right (1-4, respectively): 1) Downloaded Landsat imagery at the proper growth stage for values to predict yield at a highly significant level; 2) Use only pixels that represent the crop, not pixels that average in surface outside the field extent (or major non-crop surface within the field perimeter); 3) Data is interpolated based on pixels values to a finer resolution for a more coherent map (above, the pixels have been modified from the 30 x 30 meter native resolution to a one-meter resolution); 4) Zones are developed based on combining multiple seasons of imagery for different crops (the appropriate classification method, amount, and minimum size of zone need to be determined). Maps may represent higher and lower areas of yield (above) or have yield or P & K removal amounts (below).


Pricing for Landsat Corn or Soybean Yield and Phosphorus or Potassium Removal Map

1) $80 for map to field extent (far right abouve) whether map represents yield or phosphorus and potassium removal amounts or relative yield (no quantities assocatied; click here for cornfield example).

2) $120 for corn or soybean yield contours (for county or comparable area).


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