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Landsat Burned Area Mapping; dNBR

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Landsat imagery (free) can be used along with free GIS software, or other GIS Software such as ArcGIS, to map the extent and severity of a wildfire with dNBR which is as follows:

NBR = (NIR - SWIR) / (NIR + SWIR) and dNBR = NBRprefire - NBRpostfire

where, SWIR is band 7 for Landsat 5, 7, and 8.


Images transition every 4 seconds (or click arrows or dots); description appears below graphic.

(The above graphics show dNBR map and steps for the 2002 Williams and Curve Fires in southern California.) 


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Norton et al. 2009. Relative suitability of indices derived from Landsat ETM+ and SPOT 5 for detecting fire severity in sagebrush steppe.