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Landsat 8 SR Tutorial w/ Imagery Download

Updated GIS AG MAPS DOS Surface Reflectance Methods: for ArcGIS or other GIS software that can generate a Raster Attribute Table. Please read background information about USGS & GIS Ag Maps surface relfectance.

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GIS Ag Maps offers a simple and fast dark-object subtraction (DOS; Chavez [1988]) method customized for Landsat 8. Results published in Remote Sensing of Environment based on using GIS Ag Maps DOS SR for NDVI can be viewed here. IMPORTANT: This Landsat 8 DOS method has only been tested for accuracy for solar elevations greater than 50 degrees - we have found that visible band values become much less accurate at solar elevations less than 30 degrees, but have not completed research for solar elevations from 30 to 50 degrees

If you prefer, you can order Landsat from the USGS already converted to surface reflectance (integer raster format; USGS will email you a link to download the data when it is ready). To do this, open the Data Sources folder on the left and access EarthExplorer; under Data Sets, open Landsat Archive and Collection 1 Higher-Level (On-Demand) (this is USGS surface reflectance [USGS offsite page]). You need account to order data (easy and free process). Landsat is now put in different tiers (USGS offsite page).

The Tutorial Data Follows: