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Updated Landsat 8 Reflectance Tutorial w/ Imagery

Surface Reflectance Methods & TOA. As of 4/24/16, there is UPDATED INFORMATION IN STEP 6 (as is explained in Step 6 below).

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Landsat surface reflectance is available for free from the USGS but converting to surface reflectance independently can be useful if, for example, surface reflectance is not available for a particular scene (for whatever reason) or if reflectance is needed as soon as possible (or if you simply may prefer to convert the data yourself).

Data Download for Surface Reflectance (SR) Tutorial. Includes: 1) Landsat 8 DN imagery for tutorial, 2) corresponding USGS algorithm surface reflectance imagery for comparison (in native integer raster format; divide by 10,000 for surface reflectance units), and 3) a composite RGB surface reflectance image (based on tutorial values). See below for more information.