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Updated Landsat 8 Reflectance Tutorial w/ Imagery

GIS AG MAPS Image-Based DOS Surface Reflectance Methods & TOA

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Landsat 8 DOS Surface Reflectance Worksheet & Calculator

Landsat surface reflectance is available for free from the USGS, though it is beneficial to also be able to convert to surface reflectance independently; for example, surface reflectance may not available for a particular scene or it may be needed as soon as possible. GIS Ag Maps offers simple and fast dark-object subtraction (DOS; Chavez [1988]) methods - you do need ArcGIS or another software that will enable you to view a raster attribute table. See the L8 SR Results page for results published in Remote Sensing of Environment and for research completed here.

Data Download for Surface Reflectance (SR) Tutorial. Includes: 1) Landsat 8 DN imagery for tutorial, 2) corresponding USGS algorithm surface reflectance imagery for comparison (in native integer raster format; divide by 10,000 for surface reflectance units), and 3) a composite RGB surface reflectance image (based on tutorial values). See below for more information.