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Crop Agriculture

Field Data Slideshow:

The graphics below show main types of field data available (as are described in more detail in the folders in the Featured Pages and Products section as well as other pages of the website) which includes yield monitor data, Landsat, and LiDAR-based elevation and derived layers. The graphics include examples of Landsat and yield correlation. This is a good starting point to understand types of spatial data that can be applied to crop fields.

Images transition every 3 seconds (or click arrows or dots); description appears below graphic.

1st row, first 12 slides (dots) are yield monitor data; 1st row, last 5 slides - 2nd row first 8 slides are Landsat; 2nd row, last 9 slides - 3rd row first 2 slides are LiDAR-based elevation and derived topographic and drainage layers; 3rd row, last 10 slides are LiDAR layers overlain on yield or Landsat data (that correlates highly to yield).



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