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Elevation Data for Real Estate Applications

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LiDAR-based elevation data from the USGS National Map (approximately 3-meter resolution) can be applied at the individual property scale to better understand topography of a lot.  


If coarser 10-meter resolution data is only available, it can be used to better understand the overall location of real estate as shown in the Urban Real Estate Suitability study. A graphic from the analysis is included below. Area within the orange polygons include suitable real estate areas (based on factor described in the study). Basin divides (which are essentially ridgelines) are red and sinks (where water can pond) are polygons with aqua lines. The basins divide are the highest local relative elevation; water is shed on either side of the divide. You can see that there are basins divides that run across suitable areas; these areas tend to have overall drier surfaces (and subsurfaces to a certain extent) and do not accumulate water. Ridgelines and sinks can effect the moisture of the surface and subsurface areas around real estate. No sinks are within suitable areas but there are basin divides.

Elevation data with other features in GIS