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Image-Based Management Zones

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Start Precision Ag Mapping

Field Data Bundle

Corn & Soybean Leaf Area Index Calculator

NIR - Soybean Yield Calculator


Crop Imaging Background

About Crop Imaging

About Landsat for Crops

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Visible vs. NIR Bands

Why Apply NIR to Crops

About NVDI (VSI)

71 VSIs

Visible Band & NDVI Saturation / NIR Variability

MSAVI for Corn

Cloud Detection

Rice Age Monitoring


Crop Water Content & Drought Mapping

About Crop Water Content Mapping

Corn & Soybeans Water Content Mapping

NDDI Drought Mapping


Data Analysis

About Data Analysis

Analysis with Yield, Landsat & LiDAR Data (PDF)

Comparison to Surrounding Cropland


Data Downloads

Landsat 8 Soybean Raster

Landsat 8 Soybean Raster Background

LiDAR-Based Elevation for a Field

LiDAR-Based Elevation & Hydrology for a Field


Imagery-Based Field Yield / P & K Maps

Landsat Field Yield Prediction Map Background



NIR - Soybean Yield Calculator


Landsat - Crop Yield Correlation

Correlation to Corn Yield

Correlation to Soybean Yield

Individual Band Correlation to Corn Yield

Individual Band Correlation to Soybean Yield

Interpolated Maps Correlation to Corn or Soybean Yield

Soil Bias and Influence of Correlation

Crop Residue Bias and Influence of Correlation

Crop Water Content Correlation


Landsat Field Reflectance Amount Comparison

Comparison to Nearby Fields


LiDAR-Based Elevation

About LiDAR

LiDAR-Based Elevation Rasters

Elevation, Drainage & Topography Layers

National Map LiDAR-Based Layers

Smoothed vs. Original Raster Layers: Elevation, Slope, Curvature & Aspect

LiDAR Tiling & Surface Drainage Channel Uses


Management Zones

Yield Quantity & Variability Zones

Yield Quantity Solely Zones

Yield Map-Based Zones

Potential Zone Layers

Landsat vs. Yield Map Zones

Landsat Historic Assessment of Field


Pest Mapping

Soybean Aphid Mapping


Soil Darkness Mapping

About Soil Darkness Mapping

Soil Darkness Mapping (PDF)


Yield Monitor Data Services

About Yield Monitor Data Cleaning

Yield Monitor Data Cleaning & Management Slideshow

Preferred Yield Cleaning Method

Yield Map Cleaning with Legend

Raw vs. Clean Raster Yield Maps

Yield Map Management & Statistics

Yield Map Post-Calibration