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Crop Agriculture

Image-Based Atmospheric Correction Background & Methods (all pages are on this website)


About Image-Based Atmospheric Correction, Scatter, & Removing Scatter

Chavez (1988) Original Landsat TM Base of Histogram Scatter Reflectance Method

Landsat 8 Lowest Valid Value Attribute Table Method

Landsat 8 & Sentinel-2 Frequency 50 Attribute Table Method & QGIS Landsat 8 Bin 5 Method

Sentinel-2 QGIS Base of Histogram Scatter Method

Dark Object Examples

Landsat 8 & Sentinel-2 Relative Scatter Calculator & Lookup Table

Landsat 4, 5, and 7 Relative Scatter Table



Chavez, P.S., Jr. 1996. Image-based atmospheric corrections–revisited and improved. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 62(9): pp.1025-1036.

Chavez, P.S., Jr. 1988. An improved dark-object subtraction technique for atmospheric scattering correction of multispectral data. Remote Sensing of Environment 24: pp.459-479.