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Crop Agriculture

About Free Courses - No Experience Necessary


The goal of the Courses is to make users proficient applying free QGIS software and spatial data (such as satellite imagery and elevation data) at no cost and on their own schedule. If using GIS is new to you, the courses may seem challenging at first, but you will soon find them easy - you can complete them all in a day or two. QGIS software is used because it is free, capable, and user-friendly. If you have other GIS software, such as ArcGIS, you can follow along with the concepts; however, ArcGIS should be used for the Landsat 8 Surface Reflectance Tutorial and Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance Tutorial.

The courses will guide you step-by-step through the process of downloading free QGIS software and imagery (as well as other data), and using the data in QGIS. The courses include atmospheric correction/conversion to surface reflectance of Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery and progress to analyzing imagery for crop condition and yield patterns, and beyond. A focus is on crop agriculture, but information in the courses can be applied to a variety of topics (we plan on including courses with other topics) - if you have an interest other than crop agriculture, you can learn enough in the courses to start applying the data in other ways. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments. We hope you find the courses useful.