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Crop Agriculture


GIS Ag Maps logoWelcome to GIS Ag Maps. The website includes information to apply GIS and remote sensing for free, including courses and tutorials – no experience is necessary. There is a focus on crop agriculture, but other applications are included. An emphasis is on Landsat and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, LiDAR-based elevation data, as well as free GIS software.

 Sentinel-2, Snow Map, Precision Agriculture Management Zones, Fire Map, Landsat 8Information for above graphic from left to right (references): 1) Sentinel-2; 2) Sentinel-2 snow map; 3) Landsat management zone graphic; 4) Landsat 5 burn map; 5) Landsat 8.

Custom GIS data downloads are available and are designed to be viewed in free QGIS software, but files will open in other GIS software, such as ArcGIS. The downloads (and QGIS) can be accessed to the left and are a way to learn about and work with Landsat 8 & Sentinel-2 imagery, as well as LiDAR-based elevation data and derived layers. 

Landsat and Sentinel-2 have nearly global coverage. Different Landsat and Sentinel-2 applications are described above and to the left. In regards to crop information on the website, Landsat is mainly applied to corn and soybeans but the uses shown can apply to other crops.

LiDAR elevation data are available from different sources. The USGS has acquired LiDAR for areas in the USA and made the data available for free as 1/9 arc-second (approximately 3-meter resolution) or 1 meter resolution (current work) raster products. When applying elevation data for any purpose, it is important to realize there is error associated with elevation values and derived layers, such as slope angle. Details about accuracy are included in the GIS Slope Angle & Accuracy folder in the Other section on the left menu.

Yield monitor data contain important information but also have inherent errors that should be removed; data can be processed into maps that can be usefully analyzed and applied.

For questions, comments, or information about custom products please access the Contact page.